It’s been almost 3 weeks since my long-time fiance’ Angel and I exchanged our vows. And I’ve been itching to blog the all about the details but I’m still sorting out our official photos.

Meaning while, here’s my shout out to the world that I’m married to the love of my life and my best friend🙂


I would also like to take this opportunity to thank once again our very talented and gifted suppliers for making this day super extra special for us.🙂

Wedding Suppliers

Bridal Bouquet – Accents and Petals

Cake Topper – Sugary Clay Artisan

Caterer & Cake – Josiah’s Catering Inc.

Choir – Coro Cantabile

Coordinators – My good friends Xaris, Onie and She

Favors (Principal Sponsors) – Splendid Specialties

Gown – Lola Domeng and my Mercado titas🙂

Hair – Ms. Celine of Celine & Erika – Bridal Hair & Makeup Artist

Hotel – La Breza

Invitation – Riz Oyos

Make-up – Make-up by Imelyn

Photo – Imagine Nation Photography

Printer – Clayjars Printshop

Sound System – JAV Lights and Sounds

Venue – Bali Oasis Clubhouse

Video – Marvin Barbarona Videography

Wedding Rings – Matus Jewellery

Pre-nup Suppliers

Hair & Makeup – Make-up by Lizzie Oren

Photo – Our bestman Ian (oh wait that’s my brother haha.)

What I love about our suppliers is that almost all of them are not just colleagues in the wedding industry but they are my good friends as well.


My First Starbucks drink as Mrs. Santos LOL.

After the wedding, my “ehem” husband and I went to the nearest Starbucks from One Pacific Place, the hotel where we stayed at before we went to Palawan.

The barista asked me my name , I smiled and replied, just put Mrs. Santos on it.

I am Mrs. Angel Santos III. *cartwheels*

I am smiling like crazy as I type this.

I am one blessed wife.😉

Quiet Time Verses

I wish I could write everything with the little time I have to blog this.

But these, even if they came from different stories and passages, are the verses in my quiet time these days.

Luke 7:13 When Jesus saw her, his heart broke. He said to her, “Don’t cry.”

Joshua 7:10God said to Joshua, “Get up. Why are you groveling?”

Matthew 4:18-20 18 Walking along the beach of Lake Galilee, Jesus saw two brothers: Simon (later called Peter) and Andrew. They were fishing, throwing their nets into the lake. It was their regular work. 19 Jesus said to them, “Come with me. I’ll make a new kind of fisherman out of you. I’ll show you how to catch men and women instead of perch and bass.” 20 They didn’t ask questions, but simply dropped their nets and followed.

I was surprised where these passages came from since I have been using a quite time guide. It’s like a fresh cold water in a hot summer day. And everyday, I just look forward to what the Lord will tell me next.

I just want to mark this blog with the verses God used to speak to me so that someday I can look back and share the details.🙂

Yes, He is good.

*All passages are taken from The Message.

The Ortezas

It all started one summer after we had our lightsaber fight ala Star Wars, owned by Kuya Val and Kuya Butch, Kuya Ruben and I sat under a coconut tree and started sharing stories. I can’t remember the most of the details of our talk but I remember I saw tons of shooting stars that night and we went back to our separate rooms almost 3 in the morning. Madaladal talaga yan si kuya! haha.

I was obsessed then with Brandon Routh and I asked Kuya if he thinks if Brandon will like me if he knew me in person. He gave me that serious look with matching kunot ng noo and answered, “Oo naman, bakit naman hindi.” BWHAHAHAHA. I knew then that Kuya will be one of my life long friends.

A few months after the shooting star night, Kuya was in Baguio and he set up a date for me with Ate Ruth, his love life. It was my first time to be alone with Ate and I was so excited. She shared more details of what Kuya told me about their love story. I went home that night feeling good and wanting that kind of love story too. I can’t remember though when I started calling them mother and father and imposed that I’m their adopted daughter, but I smile whenever in between conversation they will say, “yang mother mo, or yang father mo.”

After Kuya Ruben proposed, they asked me to be their wedding coordinator and I gladly said yes with tambling and split. It was raining hard on their wedding day so we had to make a lot of major adjustments because of the weather. Tipong naghaheart attack na ako, and yet they were very calm. So in spite of the stress, the wedding was so beautiful and feel good.

When Angel and I started to be extra close I told them about my apprehensions and concerns, and they were very honest with me with theirs too. They were not surprised when I told them that Angel and I started praying for each other. I remember we were in Kuya’s car and Angel called my phone, after talking to him Kuya said,  “nag-iiba boses mo pag kausap mo si Angel.” I replied, “Panong nag-iiba, ummarte?” and we both started laughing.

Withe the Ortezas

So when Angel and I started to make plans to get married I told them that we are getting them as principal sponsors. They said no. HAHAHAHA. That was last year.

A month ago after Angel and I finalized the date, I sent a text message to Kuya to inform him that he’ll play a major part in our wedding. He replied, “Your mother and I needs to meet you first.” BWHAHAHA.

Last night I finally got my answer. This were the exact words of Kuya, “Papayag naman talaga kami. Gusto ka lang namin pahirapan.” BWHAHAHAHAHAHA. I just love this couple. Last night was a very fun breather for me. I told them how God has been moving in our lives, the lessons that He has been teaching us while we were waiting and they shared to me how things changes when you’re living together and why quitting should not never be an option. I wished Angel was with us  to hear their stories, the last time we had a group date was in 2009, but he’ll have plenty of chance soon.😉

It was almost 5 years ago when I witnessed their beautiful wedding. And now they’ll witness mine, which I pray that it’ll be as beautiful as theirs. The fact that they said yes made me more excited. It was an affirmation for us that we’re on the right tract in spite of the humps and bumps of the preps. Ang saya saya ko lang talaga.

Thank you adopted parents we❤ you.

Angel Vs Done

Yesterday, I was reading at old blogsites and multiply sites of close friends. Grabe, where have the years gone?

Anyway this particular picture made me fell of my chair laughing.

Angel vs Done

Meet Done.

One of my childhood friends. When we were Joy Club (or even whenever we have reunion), my guy friends keep on teasing me with this creature. BWHAHAHAHA. Tipong, they’re doing that to deliberately hurt me. (grabeeeee kayoooo) HAHAHAHA.

So when I saw this picture, with the caption Angel Vs Done. I was laughing really hard.

Don’t get me wrong Done was a good kaasaran/childhood friend. But he WAS super uber inlove with one of my girls. *wink, wink*

Sorry Done, I’ll to give this round (and the next roundSSSSSSSSS) to Angel.

Start of something New

I’ve been wanting to blog again, but whenever I try to start it I can’t finish a complete sentence and katamaran gets me.

So here’s my attempt to “resuscitate” this blog.

Yey! Its 2012.

I’ve attended the 1st young women’s encounter at my church as one of the speakers and counselors. I was assigned to a group of young women who has experienced so much in their early age. Tipong pang tela novela ang talambuhay. And I was blessed and amazed how God met with them.

During one of my one-on-one talk with the girl in my group, she asked me, “what’s the point of repenting if you know you’re going to sin again.”

Maaaaan. She’s so young and yet her questions are hard. I paused for a while carefully sorting words and citing scriptures from the Bible, that will make her understand how deep and wide God’s love for us. How his grace are new every morning. Never too soon nor too late. Then she replied, “Grabe naman ate ang bait Nya.”

She told me about her problem of forgiving others, the roots are too deep that only Jesus can completely heal. No wonder she asked that question.

Can God forgive me again and again repeat 100x? There are times I still ask that question. Today I was reminded of His great love through Kuya Erickson’s tweet.


Whew! Thank God that His love is not dependent on my actions. Such amazing love.


The Mae is back in Manila for good (or bad) LOL.

and The Riz is pregnant. TWIIINSSS! WAAAAAAAAAAAH.


So here’s to new adventures *raises imaginary champagne flute with mocha cookie crumble frappuccino*

and my successful attempt to “resuscitate” my blog. hehehe

On Failed Photoblog Challenge and E-mails That Made My Day.

After 100 years.

I’m not really good at blog challenges. But I shall attempt again sometime soon.😀

Today, I got two new e-mails that made my day.

Is this THE Hayley DiMarco?


One of my favorite authors, Hayley Dimarco, is following me on Pinterest. Woooowww! I’m honored.😀

This afternoon, I got an e-mail from my soon-to-be mother-in-law. I was asking her some of the traditions of the family that she might want us to include in our wedding. I also told her that her ideas are very welcome and I want their family to be involve in anyway that they can. I was waiting for list of things that she has in mind specially that her eldest son is about to get married, instead I got this:

     Hi Ivy, Something old, something new and something borrowed. That is the tradition for a bride here. I don’t know if that is true in your country. But in my opinion those things are not important. To be married in the eyes of God is all that matters. Marriage is a very delicate thing. You have to be willing to put a lot of work into it if you want to grow old together. There will always be challenges Ivy. Marriage is taken very lightly in the times that we are living in. If you and Angel want this forever, you must work very hard for it. Nothing worth while comes easy. Eventually it will not be about you and Angel only, then comes the little ones, which in itself is a tremendous responsibility. The work is never over. Marriage is a beautiful thing but it can turn out to be a painful thing if we don’t work on it on a daily basis with our Lord in our lives. Other then that I am still recovering. My doctor tells me it will take at least 3 months. As far as a family member attending the wedding, that remains to be unseen. As much as that is something we would love, it is very expensive and at this time we don’t know. Everyone in this family is living from week to week. Overall the important thing is that you and Angel to marry in the eyes of our LORD. Love, Talk to you soon! Mom

I was crying when I finished reading her e-mail. I know that my Mom Carmen is an extraordinary woman because together with dad, they raised the super-wonderful godly man (yes, handsome too. haha.) that I’m about to marry. Her email to me made me feel more loved and welcomed in their family with or without their physical presence when the fiance’ and I finally get married.

They say that a wedding is not just a union of two individuals but two families as well. I’m blessed that I will be a part of their wonderful family and like an icing on a cake, I’ll have Mom Carmen for a mother-in-law.

Day 07: A Picture Of Your Childhood Crush

Kelangan pa bang imemorize yan. hahaha.

I think I was in grade 2 when I first saw Superman that was played by Christopher Reeve. WAAAAAAHHH! It was crush at first sight. hahaha. I used to rant at my seatmate in high school how I will go to the US and find Christopher Reeve. (Stalker much? hahaha.) Few year after we saw each other (my classmate and I), and he said, “Grabe ka nun Ivy, inlab ka kay Superman. hahaha.” As if he really existed in my world ‘no.

But He is soooo pogi, specially when he portrays Clark Kent.